WATCH: Ex-Cop Says She “Will Not Comply” With “Assault Weapons Ban”

Washington, DC — A recent House Judiciary Committee meeting discussing an Assault Weapons Ban had a police officer speak on the gun ban.

But this former officer didn’t say what you’d expect.  She spoke up and told the legislators that she would not comply with such a law.

The Committee, which met on Wednesday, Sept 25, held a hearing on the topic of ‘Protecting America from Assault Weapons.”

At the meeting, Dianna Muller stood and voiced her opposition to the draconian new law.

Muller, a 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, pointed out that a ban like this would turn lawful gun owners into cirminals unless they surrendered their otherwise lawfully owned property.

She said, “Please don’t legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals. It has happened. You’ve already done it,” Muller said.  She was referring to the recent ban on bump stocks.   She continued, “I was a bump stock owner, and I had to make a decision: do I become a felon, or do I comply?”

Muller pushed the point even further.  Should the government pass an assault-weapons ban, Muller declared, “I will not comply.”

The meeting at times grew heated, but Muller kept her cool as she poked holes in the proposed law.  She pointed out that the differences between an AR-15 and millions of hunting rifles are “mostly cosmetic.”   How much of a real effect would this have on gun crime if there are less scary-looking guns that can do the exact same things?

Could they plan to ban them all, eventually?

Not A Lone Voice:

Another voice of reason was the Heritage Foundation’s legal policy analyst Amy Swearer.  She spoke up when Rep.Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., questioned the witnesses on whether they thought semi-automatic hunting rifles should also be banned.

Swearer answered the question with a resounding no.  She pointed out that there is almost no difference in the function of an “assault weapon” or a semi-automatic hunting rifle.  A ban like on any semi-automatic rifle would literally make tens of millions of Americans into criminals.  Americans who had committed no gun crime!

Losing Interest In Gun Control

Thankfully, for all their bluster and hot air, it seems the fervor over assault weapons is going to be lost in the cry for impeachment.  The Democrats traded their chance of Trump passing gun control when impeachment became their goal.  Now the pressure is off Trump, and he has no incentive to give them the gun control they claimed was their top priority.

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