WATCH: Burglar Impersonates FedEx, Ties Family Up, Steals $135K, and Leaves Them Bound

Brooklyn, NY — Police are looking for two Hispanic men who bound a woman and her elderly parents with tape before taking off with a safe with over $125,000 in cash and jewelry in it.

It started around 3:00 pm, in broad daylight, and was over in about ten minutes.

One of the men knocked on the front door with a package in his hand and wearing a fleece FedEx jacket.

The homeowner, a 35-year-old woman opened the door to let him in.

Once he’d made it inside the house, his accomplice charged up the front steps and joined him.

The accomplice can be seen on the home’s security camera footage wearing a blue jacket and jeans and a blue backpack.

Once inside the house, the footage has both audio and video.  The burglars search the house until they found a safe.

Once they found what they were after, they repeatedly demanded the woman open the safe for them.

They also went around ransacking the house, looking for more valuables.

In the home there was also a 75-year-old woman and an 81-year-old man.

All three were held captive by these two men looking for easy money.

When she wouldn’t open the safe for them, the pair decided to bind the woman and the elderly couple with tape.

One of the two men can be seen talking with a third accomplice on a walkie talkie.

When they couldn’t get the safe open, they decided to leave the family bound and take the safe with them.

They drove off in a getaway vehicle, presumably driven by their third accomplice.

The family reported the safe contained about $40,000 in cash, and nearly $80,000 in family jewelry.

The 35-year-old woman then hopped to the kitchen on her bound feet to find something to cut herself free.  She immediately called the police, who are still investigating.

Take Steps to Prevent the Same:

Watching the footage, you see that the ruse is something anybody would fall for.

It’s a lesson for the rest of us: have a gun hidden in your home that is still accessible to you in the event you find yourself in at a disadvantage.

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