VIDEO: Storekeeper Riddles Armed Thug With Bullets

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A Marine reservist employed at a Metro PCS cell phone store has thwarted an attempted robbery, leaving an armed thug deceased.

This specific Metro PCS location has been robbed before, and the storekeeper is licensed to carry a firearm.

The surveillance video shows a thug entering the store with a pistol in hand, which immediately prompts the storekeeper to reach for his carry weapon.

Once the armed robber throws a plastic bag on the counter, the employee draws his own firearm and empties his magazine.

The thug didn’t have a chance to fire back, as the armed store employee caught him with multiple bullets without hesitation.

The storekeeper acted with great responsibility to eliminate the threat to his life.

Criminals with intent to harm feel emboldened by Philadelphia’s gun restrictions.

It can be inferred from the surveillance video that the thug didn’t expect his target to be armed.

Criminals are not fearful of the citizenry, and they should be.

Pro-gun laws encouraging citizens to carry need to be passed.

If more well-intentioned citizens arm themselves, violent criminals will be scared to inflict destruction on our society.

The same concept can be applied to mass-shootings, as the Dayton shooter avoided targets he referred to as “hot”.

In civilized society, we call those “hardened targets”.

Let this dead thug serve as an example to the criminal community.

If you want to commit violent crime, you get bullets.