Texas State Representative Says NO To Gun Control, Attacked by Gun Grabbers

Tyler, Texas — State Representative Matt Schaefer has a message for the gun-grabbing left in the wake of recent mass shootings.

Rep. Schaefer took to Twitter to lambast all forms of gun control, condemning legislative proposals such as Red Flags, elimination of private sales, magazine bans, and AR-15 bans/buybacks.

The left has wasted no time in viciously attacking Rep. Schaefer, sending tweets at him laced with threats and insults.

Rep. Schaefer recommended a multitude of positive outlets for change, such as prayer, stabilized homes, childhood discipline, and public school support.

Most importantly, Rep. Matt Schaefer recognized the importance of every law abiding citizen’s right to carry a firearm without permission of the State.

For more details on Rep. Matt Schaefer’s Twitter statement, look to the Second Amendment tweet storm below:

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