St. Paul, Minnesota: Man Leaving Bible Study Gunned Down, Killed by Thugs While His Daughter Watched

St. Paul, MN — A man has died after being shot while leaving a Bible study in the Summit-University neighborhood of St. Paul on Wednesday, September 18th.

The man, later identified as 41-year-old Rayvell Carter, was standing on the corner with a crowd of people who had just left a Bible study.

It was just past 8:40 pm at a church near the intersection of Fuller Ave and St. Albans St. North.

Police reported that Carter was there with his young daughter and his father.

Authorities reported that an unknown shooter began to shoot into the group.

Police don’t believe the shooting was random, but that Rayvell Carter wasn’t the intended target, either.

St. Paul Police reported that Carter was shot in the abdomen died there at the scene.

Carter’s father had a concealed carry permit and pulled out his weapon to defend his family.  But in the chaos, it was unclear where the shots had come from.

Police are investigating who may have been the actual intended target, in hopes of locating the shooter.

Police spokesman Steve Linders said, “Our investigators tell us right now that preliminary information indicates that this wasn’t random, that we don’t have people just shooting randomly into neighborhoods, into churches, into groups of people.  But that’s little consolation when we have a father…who is now dead.”

This is the sixth homicide in the last seventeen days in St. Paul and the 20th of the year.

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