Pregnant Mother Shoots Kidnapper from Backseat of SUV

Louisville, Kentucky — A pregnant mother was forced to shoot her ex-boyfriend when he threw her and their 1-year-old son into the back of an SUV.

WLKY reports the woman recounting the event, saying “It was one of those situations; I wasn’t going to let him kill all of us. I wasn’t even thinking about me at that point. I was thinking about my child.”

The father, still angry over their break-up, assaulted the pregnant mother in a parking lot next to their 1-year-old son.

The woman escaped further attack and rushed inside of a nearby liquor store with her child to call the police.

While on the phone with 911, the father barrels into the store and snatches up the mother and child.

With the entire store watching, the man throws the family into the back of his vehicle and violently speeds off.

Court records cite the man speeding and swerving through traffic while threatening to kill everyone inside of the vehicle.

He was threatening to crash the vehicle and “mess everyone up” and claimed he would take the pregnant woman “far away and kill” her.

The mother knows there is a gun in the back seat.

“Before we could get on the highway, I had a choice between all of us dying or defending myself and my son,” she said. “I grabbed a gun and I shot him.”

Police arrived at the scene to find the man with multiple gun shot wounds in his arm.

He was treated at the hospital, arrested, then charged.

“I really don’t think he should get out,” the mother said. “I think the next time — there’s no next time! Somebody’s going to lose their life.”

The time for women to arm themselves is past due.

The only way for the innocent to protect themselves is to bear arms against those threatening their life.

The crazed ex-lovers are going to get their weapons of choice when they are intent on killing.

Local, state, and federal governments need to slash firearm regulations that discourage women from protecting themselves.

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