OHIO: Man With Gun Stops Knife-Wielding Thug At McDonald’s

COSCHOCTON COUNTY, Ohio — One man is in jail after brandishing a knife in a local McDonald’s in Choschocton County and being stopped by another customer with a concealed carry handgun.

The Choschocton County Police posted on their Facebook page that they got a call from a local McDonald’s around 11:15 am on Saturday, August 31st.

Reports stated that an unidentified 22-year-old man pulled out a knife and was threatening staff and customers.

Witnesses said that another customer watched the man growing increasingly agitated and aggressive.

He got up from his table and walked up to confront the man.

Upon being confronted, the man with the knife threatened the other customer, too.

The good guy calmly drew his concealed carry handgun and told the unstable man to do as he was told.

The armed citizen escorted the guy with the knife outside and told him to put his knife on the ground.

When the police arrived, they found the bad guy being held at gunpoint, already disarmed, with his knife nearby.

They arrest the man with no altercation, and without any shots fired.

Another case of a good guy with a gun who was going about his regular day, but was ready to do what was necessary when it was needed to protect the people around him.

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