North Carolina: Two Home Invasions Leave One Thug Dead, Another On The Run

Fayetteville, NC — Police in Fayetteville, NC reported two home invasions in a 24-hour period on Wednesday and Thursday.

In both scenarios, two men with guns broke into a house to rob the occupants, and in each case, the homeowner and the home invaders exchanged fire with each other.

In both cases, one of the two home invaders was killed by the homeowner.

Police responded to the 911 call about shots fired at 6:48 pm in the 400 block of Lands End Road.

When they arrived, they found the homeowner standing over the body of a man who had tried to force his way into the home.

The homeowner reported that he was home when two men broke into his front door.

The homeowner had a gun, and when he saw one of the home invaders brandished a gun, the homeowner shot him.

The home invader, later identified as Jensen Rojas-Marrero, returned fire, but then succumbed to his wounds.

The second man ran off, and police are still searching for him.

This home invasion seems to be nearly identical to a home invasion that happened the night before at 507 Snow Hill Road.

In that instance, 46-year-old Tony Libson was home alone when two armed men broke into his house.

They shot Libson, but he was able to reach his own gun and return fire.  His shot struck a Henry Miller, 23, who later died at the scene.

Miller’s accomplice escaped in what police believe was a white sedan.   He is still at large.

Criminals don’t learn from their mistakes, or even from the mistakes of other criminals!

If I heard that somebody was killed in the same town, doing the same illegal thing I’m planning to do, I might think again.

But not these brain trusts!  Carry every day, and keep a weapon in easy reach when you’re at home!

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