NEW VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Says Stacey Abrams Should Be Georgia Governor

Washington, DC — Hillary Clinton was back on the political stage today, telling the crowd she was speaking to that Socialist Stacey Abrams should be the governor of Georgia.

Speaking at George Washington University, she had this to say:

“We saw what happened in Georgia where Stacey Abrams should be governor of that state.”

She claimed piles (in her fake southern accent) of voter registrations were sitting in a back room left to collect dust and deny Georgians the right to vote.

Of course this is all fake news and never happened.

And here’s the video:

Socialist Stacey has masterfully parlayed her fake voter suppression story in a multi million dollar non profit business, collecting money for her various left-wing front organizations all the while stuffing her pockets full of cash in speaking fees.

Every time she speaks, she tells everyone in no uncertain terms that the election was stolen from her in Georgia.

The reality is that Socialist Stacey got more votes in 2018 than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, yet still lost to Brian Kemp by more than 54,000 votes, yet we’re to believe there was a grand voter suppression conspiracy that happened?