NEW JERSEY: New “Red Flag” Gun Law Used to Take Guns Every Single Day

Newark, NJ — New Jersey only implemented their new Red Flag gun confiscation law on September 1st, but it’s already getting a workout.

Initial reports indicate that judges have signed off on a Red Flag gun confiscation order at least once every day since then.

As of Thursday, September 13th, judges had signed off on fourteen uses of the ERPO orders.

Of those fourteen orders, twelve were determined to be temporary, and two of which were permanent.

The two who lost their guns and gun rights permanently were given a chance to defend themselves in front of the judge.

But when you consider the short time frame this is all happening in, one has to wonder how much time and attention their cases are receiving before a permanent injunction was passed.

Always happy to have more power over law-abiding citizens, the anti-gun crowd is thrilled with the frequent usage of Red Flags.

Check out their delusional Attorney General’s comments at a public training event about how to implement their new Emergency Risk Protection Orders:

“We are not violating Second Amendment rights,” said Attorney General Gurbir Grewal at the event on Thursday, September 12th. “We are just enabling reasonable measures to promote public safety and to make sure we are keeping firearms out of the hands of individuals who shouldn’t have them.”


Except Red Flag gun confiscation laws ARE violating the Second Amendment in that they’re taking somebody’s guns away without any charges, trial, or conviction.

Red Flag laws also take away a citizens’ right to face their accuser.  It takes away their right to defend their family from a violent attacker.

New Jersey is already facing nearly a dozen new gun-control laws passed by their leftist governor, Phil Murphy.

He has implemented Red Flags, banned magazines larger than 10 rounds, banned ‘ghost guns’ and more.

Just last week, he announced an executive order which stated that any gun manufacturer who does business with law enforcement in New Jersey must meet strict new requirements.

Additionally, any banking institution that works with the state of New Jersey must have policies that would enforce gun safety rules.

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, but if you’re in one of these loudly anti-gun states, it’s time to stand up and make these sellouts answer for their anti-American policies!