Knife Wielding Asylum Seeker Kills 1, Injures 9

Lyon, France – An Afghan man has been taken into custody after viciously stabbing 10 people in a subway stop, with one 19-year-old victim dying of his wounds and three in critical condition.

The 33-year-old killer was in France awaiting approval for asylum when the attack took place.

France is a country that is known to have strong gun control, but the nation has recently been riddled with a stream of knife attacks.

According to the New York Post, A knife wielding man stabbed two people in a theater last September.

ISIS claimed responsibility for a knife attack that occurred two weeks before the theater stabbing, leaving two innocent people dead.

Police have not yet identified a motive for the recent mass-stabbing at the France subway stop.

There are knife-control laws on the books in France, and it is illegal to carry a blade without it being for “a good reason”.

Gun control does not stop killing, and knife-regulation didn’t stop the carnage either.

Restricting the rights of the people only puts law abiding citizens in danger.

Criminals are prepared to attack and prey on those that follow the law while paying zero attention to the legality of their actions.