HOUSTON: Two Thugs Commit Multiple Home Invasions, Point a Gun at a Four-Year-Old Girl

Houston, TX — Police in Houston have arrested two men who committed two robberies in a matter of minutes on August 28th.

One of the robberies was a home invasion, during which one of the men threatened a 4-year-old girl with a gun.

Court records say that two men went on a robbing spree in broad daylight at the San Marcos Apartments in Southwest Houston.

The men, Gabriel Pipkin, 20, and Dajhun Barber, 19, broke into apartment No. 270, where Jonathan Rosas and his 4-year-old cousin were taking a nap on the couch.

“When I tried to get up, they pointed the gun at her,” Rosas said. “I thought they would maybe kill her. That’s why I was so scared.”

With the homeowner terrified, Pipkin and Barber took off.

They took Rosa’s two laptops, two smart phones, the keys to both family cars, and $250.

Thankfully, the apartment complex had surveillance cameras, and it captured Pipkin and Barber attacking another resident not moments later.

The footage shows the two men attacking a man that court documents identify as Mr. Cruz.

Cruz was helping a neighbor lady, Crystal Williams, who had asked for his help with car troubles.

Distracted by the car, Cruz didn’t see the two men approach.  “The bandits attacked me,” Mr. Cruz said in Spanish. “They said ‘Money! Money! Money! Money!'”

Mr. Cruz had $900 cash in his wallet which the robbers when they went through his pockets.

The next Wednesday, Pipkin and Barber returned to the apartment complex and stole Rosas’ Chevy Camaro using the keys they stole during the home invasion.

The End of The Line:

But Rosa had installed a tracking device on his car, which led Police right to the two men, who police said were “driving recklessly in a hotel parking lot.”

After their arrest, Pipkin and Barber confessed to the robberies, and Pipkin admitted to pointing his gun at the 4-year-old girl.

The two men were booked and later charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and unlawful use of a vehicle.

Both Rosa and Cruz went through a nightmare in less than five minutes.

Robbers like these don’t give notice.

You won’t have five minutes to get ready, find your weapon, etc.

Carry every day.

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