Gun Store in Odessa, Texas Packed Day After Shooting

Odessa, Texas — On September 1st, 2019 Erika Cason posted a photo that went viral on her Facebook page.

In it, she shows the line of customers waiting at the gun counter of the Academy Sports store in Odessa, TX.

Academy Sports + Outdoors sells guns at more than 100 locations in Texas — including the store in Odessa.

Cason took the picture one day after the shooting in Odessa, on August 31st, when five people were killed by an unidentified shooter.

Her photo shows a line backed up out of sight, with men, women, and children.

The customers were all patiently waiting their turn to buy a gun.

Cason said that the Academy store ran out of business cards for a local class for gun owners to obtain their License to Carry (LTC).

In her post, Cason says, “I’ve gotten several messages about people being shocked from this photo. That the mainstream media has portrayed us Texans/Americans out to be scared of guns and willing to give them up.  Let me be clear.  We are not giving our weapons up and we are not helpless.”

Her photo flies in the face of recent media coverage talking about the alleged popularity of gun buybacks and similar programs.

No, guns are a booming business.

And they’re especially  booming in Texas, where two shootings in a month have made even more people realize that self-defense is the best defense.

Remember this photo the next time you hear about the supposed popularity of gun control, or how gun owners are going to willingly surrender their guns.

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