“Gun Free” Mexico: 44 Bodies Found in Trash Bags Stuff Down a Well

Mexico — Mexican authorities have released more information after identifying at least 44 bodies that were discovered buried in a well in the western Mexico.

More than 199 bags were found, so the number may rise.

Residents in the city of Guadalajara—in the state of Jalisco–had complained about the smell coming from the well.  They had stopped using the well, which was located just outside the city.  When authorities investigated the complaints on September 3rd, they found the mutilated remains.

“It saddens me to speak in this way, but society has a right to know what is happening,” Jalisco security cabinet chief Macedonio Tamez Guajardo told Mexican news outlet Milenio.

Guajardo had initially reported that the bodies were in different states of decomposition, making it hard to identify them.   Initially they reported 37 bodies were found but raised the number to 44 on Friday.   As is typical of cartel murders, most of the bodies were cut into pieces, making forensics more difficult, as the bodies need to be pieces together before they can be identified.

This isn’t the first time this year that Jalisco residents have learned of a mass grave in their province.  In May, Mexican police discovered the remains of at least 34 more people on two separate organized crime properties.   The authorities are also investigating whether there is a link between the bodies discovered in the well and six bodies recovered at an organized crime safehouse in August, Mexico News Daily reported.

The state of Jalisco is the home base for the “New Generation Cartel”, one of the most ruthless and powerful crime syndicates in Mexico.

Police reports indicated that more than 40,000 people have gone missing since the beginning of Mexico’s drug war in 2006.  Their haphazard graves dot the countryside.

This is why President Trump thinks our country needs a wall!  If their own government can’t protect the citizens of Mexico from this kind of brutality and crime, we certainly shouldn’t be expected to invite them in with open arms.

The left celebrates these new voters as they stream over our border but would claim that we’re inhumane for wanting to verify the stories of those coming across.   They hate America, and they hate anything that would keep America strong and peaceful.

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