Democrat Presidential Candidates Back Mandatory “Assault Weapon” Buyback

Washington, DC — On the Second Amendment, the field of Democrat candidates appear to be a collection of insane anti-gun radicals.

But this week, several of the candidates removed all doubt.

Senator Kamala Harris got the ball rolling when she said at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention that she would support a mandatory gun buyback for assault weapons.

You read that right.  A mandatory gun buyback.

Because, of course, “We have to get those guns off the streets.”

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker agreed and pointed to other countries in the world as proof that it works to force the citizenry to turn in their guns.

He didn’t mention that most of those countries have even fewer liberties left than America.

Not to be outdone, former Texas Representative Robert “Beto” O’Rourke took that and ran with it:

“We must go the necessary steps further, as politically difficult as they may be — a gun registry in this country, licensing for every firearm, and every single one of those AR-15 and AK-47s will be bought back so they’re not on our streets,” O’Rourke said.

“Politically difficult.”  Heaven only knows what a radical leftist means by that.

Do they mean, “Hard to get elected” difficult?  Or do they mean, “Let’s go full Venezuela on people who get in our way” difficult?

With some of these fruitcakes, it’s hard to tell.

The “Moderates”

On the other end of the Democratic party’s candidate spectrum are the ‘more moderate’ leftists.

They still want to take all assault weapons away from American citizens, but want citizens to give their guns up of their own free will.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and even Senator Elizabeth Warren aren’t calling for a mandatory buyback.

No, they are generously willing to allow a voluntary buyback, instead.

Perhaps they recognize that the Democratic party has all but lost rural America?

Do they realize they won’t get enough votes to beat Trump without at least a few electoral college votes from rural states?

Maybe the angry, vocal element of the Democrat party is pushing mandatory buybacks strategically?

Do they think they’ll fool some voters into thinking Biden, Sanders, and Warren are moderates, even centrists, by moving the goalposts so far to the left?

Either way, the lines are clearly drawn, now.

To have our gun rights, or not to have them.

We’ll find out after the 2020 election.

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