Deaf Woman Shoots, Kills Home Invader with Shotgun in Oklahoma

Rock Island, OK—A man who broke into an Oklahoma woman’s home on Sunday, September 22 was killed after she shot him with a shotgun.

Police responded to the 62-year-old woman’s call on Jenson Rock Road around 5:30 pm.

They reported that the woman is hearing impaired and didn’t hear the man enter her home.

She simply walked into a room, and there was a strange man standing there that she’d never seen before.  The woman was frightened and told the man to leave.

Instead of leaving, he walked from the living room into her kitchen.  The woman ran to her bedroom and got a shotgun.

She kept yelling at the man to leave her house, but he ignored her.  The woman walked towards the kitchen and he was still there.

She shouted several more times, and this time the man turned and started towards the woman.

Scared for her life, she took one shot with her shotgun and struck the man in the chest.   He fell to the kitchen floor, and the woman ran to call police.

By the time police arrived, the man had died.   He was later identified as 31-year-old Matthew A. Harvey of Huntington, Ark.

The body was taken to Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office, where he was identified through fingerprints, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“Harvey had a lengthy criminal record in Oklahoma and Arkansas for property and drug crimes,” the Police press release said.

This is a great story to share with people who think guns are unnecessary.

Guns are the great equalizer.  The best way that older folks, the physically impaired, or even just smaller and weaker people in our society have a chance against the criminal element is to arm themselves.

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