WATCH: Chicago Mother of Four Shot 17 Times Over A Parking Spot

Chicago, IL — A Chicago woman is recovering after a July 13th disagreement over a parking space resulted in her being shot seventeen times by an unknown man.

Kewane Jones said that after the shooting, she was in a coma for five days.  She has undergone fourteen surgeries since the attack.

Her four children have been staying with relatives while she was in the hospital for over a month.

She reports that on July 13th, she pulled into an empty parking spot near 120th and S. Wallace St.

A local man who lived on the block came out of his house and began yelling at her to move her car.

Before she could reply or comply, the man had pulled a gun and sprayed her car with bullets.

Jones said, “Before I could even put my key in the ignition, he was coming down them stairs with the gun in his hand.  Then when I saw the fire sparks coming from it, it was like, ‘Oh my God! He’s shooting me! He’s actually shooting me!’”

Jones identified the man in a photo lineup.

She hopes that police can locate him and bring him to justice.

When reached for comment, Chicago police said they’re doing everything they can to find the man who shot Jones.

But in a city like Chicago, with 34 people shot already this Labor Day weekend, these stories all start to sound alike.

In a gun-free paradise like Chicago, you can get sprayed with bullets for choosing the wrong parking spot!

And the anti-American left wants to turn all of America into this sort of gun-control nightmare!