CA: Ten People Arrested After Home Invasion Robbery After Beating and Tying Up Family

Moreno Valley, CA — A California family can sleep better knowing the armed invaders who forced their way into their home and robbed and beat them are now behind bars.

The nightmare happened on May 22nd, 2019.

The well-trained gang of robbers descended on the home in the 14000 block of Alba Way.

They were dressed in full tactical gear, including bulletproof vests, an assault rifle and several handguns.

Reports say the men came to the front door and demanded the mother let them into the house.

Facing gun barrels, she had to let the dangerous thugs into her home.

Her husband and children were unaware of what was going on, and couldn’t defend themselves.

Once inside, the gang attacked and beat the members of the family before tying their hands behind their backs.

Police reported that while some of the team assaulted the family, others were staged nearby, keeping surveillance of the property.

They then robbed the family and fled the home before police arrived.

The Arrest:

In the three months since the attack, police concluded that the ten people had ties to a violent gang.

They arrested ten men and two women after a “complex and lengthy” process spanning eleven different locations in several different cities.

Around 5 a.m. on Thursday, August 29, the police swooped in and arrested all ten of them simultaneously at eleven different locations.

Evidence seized included:  ballistic vests, an assault rifle, five handguns, three pounds of methamphetamine, enough cocaine and heroin to sell, 100 pounds of processed pot and 1,000 marijuana plants.

Police also found some items and documents from the scene of the home invasion.

This family may feel closure, but every other family in California should feel less safe.

These criminals were well-organized, and clearly well-armed.

What average California family, drowning in gun control laws and regulations, would have a chance against this sort of gang violence?

What if this gang had decided to massacre this family before leaving?

The police simply can’t be there in time, as this family found out the hard way.

And California legislators are intent on disarming the law-abiding citizens!

And they pretend that they’re somehow shrinking the criminal element of society.