ALDI Grocery Stores Caves to the Anti-Gun Lobby

Batavia, Illinois — ALDI USA announced this morning from their headquarters in Illinois that they will now ask customers to refrain from open carrying firearms in their more than 1,900 stores across 36 states.

While they are not asking customers not to carry firearms concealed in their stores, this is just another in a long line of major corporations who have caved to the anti-gun lobby in recent weeks.

When Wal-Mart caved to the gun-grabbers last week, they opened the flood gates, leading other companies to follow suit.

Some of those companies are Kroger, Wegmans, CVS, Walgreens, Meijer and now Aldi.

We expect more major corporations to follow suit in the coming weeks and months, making very clear that they are willing to do at least some of what billionaire Bloomberg’s gun control lobbyists want them to do.

Aldi’s decision set off an avalanche of negative comments from Second Amendment supporters, as you can see below.

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