WACKY: Beto Announces New Gun Control Plans Ahead of Tonight’s Dem Debate

El Paso, Texas — Former Texas Congressman and failed Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, Beto O’Rourke has made an announcement this morning before tonight’s Democrat debate that he’s now calling on banks and credit card companies to refuse service to sales of so-called “assault weapons,” “gun/ammo manufacturers who produce assault weapons,” and “sales w/o background checks.”

While Beto doesn’t seem to have a chance of becoming the Democrat nominee for President, his announcement today should be a very clear sign to gun owners, sellers, and manufacturers of where exactly the left wants to take the gun control debate.

“Red Flags” and gun confiscation are simply precursors to ultimately virtually eliminating your ability to purchase a firearm.

Here’s more from his website:

We’re calling on banks and credit card companies to:

  1. Refuse to provide services for the sales of assault weapons.
  2. Stop processing transactions for gun sales online or at gun shows without background checks.
  3. Stop doing business with gun or ammo manufacturers who produce or sell assault weapons.