Woman Jumps Out of Apartment Window to Escape Gun-Wielding Home Invaders

Machester, NH — An unidentified woman leaped out of a second story window in an apartment building after several people were going door to door with guns, demanding items of value.

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire reported they were called to the apartment at 52 Pennacook St on Monday, August 19, after reports that a woman jumped or fell out of a window.

When they arrived, they found a much more complicated situation than they realized.

Authorities interviewed four different residents of the apartment who all said the same thing:  two Hispanic men and one Hispanic woman had entered their apartment complex with guns drawn.

The intruders didn’t live in the apartment and nobody had seen them before.

Witnesses told police that the invaders were screaming and shouting and threatening to hurt people.

One witness said that he had been hit on the head with a gun.

After striking him, the intruders went through his apartment and stole items of value.

Then the intruders started yelling at the unidentified woman and threatening her.

She ran to get away from them, but the exits were blocked by the three invaders.

The woman ran to a nearby second-story window and jumped out of it.

Witnesses relayed to police that after she landed on the ground, she got up and walked across the street.

But moments later, she collapsed and nearby witnesses came to help her.

It’s not confirmed if the woman was a resident of the apartment complex.  She is recovering in a local hospital.

The three invaders were able to escape in the confusion while residents were hiding in their apartments from the violence and shouting.

This story is proof positive that you never know what kind of crazy it out there in the world.

And unless you’re comfortable with the idea of a jumping out of a window to get away from the bad guys, it’s a darn good idea to carry a gun so you can tell them where to go, instead.