WATCH: Mother of Three Children Shoots Thug Home Invader

Greenville, South Carolina – Ashley Jones had already put her three children to bed when a thug kicked in her door, prompting her to shoot the suspect.

Jones heard the man banging on her door, claiming he lived there and to let him in.

“I yelled, ‘I have a gun, I will shoot you, get away from my house,’” Jones said.

The thug intruder had a female accomplice with him, and they attempted to enter through the front and back door.

After the man kicked the door in, he took a step forward and got shot by Jones, who was perched at the top of the staircase.

“So then he kicks the door in as soon as he kicks the door in and tries to take a step in my house that’s when I shot him and he ran off, she recalled. “Something just came over me, I got calm and my heart slowed down.”

If Ashley Jones did not have a gun, she may not have been able to fend off the home invaders.

“If I didn’t have any kind of weapons, I don’t know what I would have did. That guy was kind of big,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to fight him off”

Any mother is going to protect her children any way she can, and Ashley Jones said she “would’ve killed” the intruder if she had to.

It’s time for families to arm themselves as crime creeps into our quiet neighborhoods.