WATCH: Alabama Homeowner With A Gun Chases Off Home Invader

McCalla, Alabama — A home invader is lucky to be alive after attempting to break into a home in McCalla, Alabama, just 20 miles from Birmingham.

The  invader, who was sporting a Cincinnati Reds jersey and jeans, appears to meander around the deck before entering through the door of the home, only to be run out moments later by

All of a sudden, he was confronted by homeowner Shelby Tucker, armed with a handgun.

He was captured not too long after wearing only his shirt and underwear.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office had this to say:

“Passers by alerted the officer that the man had a gun in his hand. The Officer approached the man at gunpoint and the man obeyed the officers commands and surrendered.”

The invader is now in the hospital for a mental evaluation.