VP Mike Pence Endorses Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Indianapolis, Indiana – Vice President Mike Pence has recently misrepresented Indiana’s Red Flag laws as obeying Constitutional due process, saying that the rest of the country should adopt Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

Mike Pence was at a round table with law enforcement officials when he spoke of bringing Indiana’s Red Flag laws to the White House.

Indiana has consistently utilized Red Flag legislation on the state level to confiscate firearms without true due process.

17 states have already adopted Red Flag legislation, and the Vice President is actively pushing for more states to acquire similar laws.

Senator Lindsey Graham and other turn-coat Republicans have already proposed legislation that would offer large sums of money to states if they adopt the gun-confiscation laws.

With Red Flag Gun Confiscation being pushed by every level of government, the tyrannical nature of the state is finally rearing its head.

Gun owners will not stand for this governmental abuse.

American Patriots will not stand by and witness the degradation of the Constitution.

The White House is already receiving a wave of emails and phone calls in adamant condemnation of Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

President Trump and Vice President Pence have officially endorsed Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

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