Tennessee Man with a Gun Shoots Attempted Robber at ATM

Antioch, TN — A Midstate man is not facing charges after he shot a man who attempted to rob him while he was depositing money in an ATM.

Police said that the incident occurred around 9:45p.m.  on Tuesday, July 30th at the US Bank near Global Mall at the Crossings on Hickory Hollow Parkway.

Tevin Kelly said that he was approaching the ATM to deposit some cash when he saw a suspicious looking man standing nearby.

The man was wearing a red hoodie, with the hood up and drawn tightly around his face.

“You know it’s the middle of summertime and that’s not the type of weather you want a hoodie on,” Kelly said.

Police said that the suspicious looking man, 19-year-old Kenneth Cathey, was across from Kelly in the parking lot.

When Kelly’s back was turned, he started to make his way across the parking lot.  When he was approaching Kelly, he pulled out a gun and continued toward him and the ATM.

Kelly was forced to react.

He pulled out his own handgun gun and shot at Cathey several times.

Cathey was hit but managed to run off into the parking lot.  Kelly called police, who found Cathey nearby and transported him to a local hospital.

The police have issued a warrant for his arrest, so the thug will be taken from the hospital straight to a jail cell.

After the incident, Tevin Kelly said, “You never know what somebody going to do on the other end with a firearm when they got it out and what not. You never know how that situation is going to play out.”

That’s why you must be ready, willing, and able to defend yourself when the time comes!