Stacey Abrams Still Won’t Concede 2018 Race

Socialist Stacey Abrams still will not admit that she lost the 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial election.

She says that admitting defeat would be an endorsement of voter suppression and unfair elections.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel recently tweeted at Stacey Abrams to concede the race if she “actually cared about the integrity of elections.”

The election in question by Abrams put her at a loss of 54,723 votes, a large margin that she claims to be illegitimate.

According to Abrams, over 50,000 people called her organization claiming that they were denied the right to vote.

This is a convenient accusation, given that this large number would get close to tipping the scale in her favor.

Stacey Abrams continues to make unfounded and possibly fabricated claims as she continues to deny the results of the 2018 Georgia Gubernational election.

President Trump was heavily criticized when he toyed with the idea of denying the 2016 presidential election results if he lost.

Abrams has been championed as a defender of democracy for doing just the same.

Yet the integrity of our elections has taken a large hit by Stacey’s actions.

Stacey Abrams continues to provide hollow “facts” to support her sore-loser positioning, like when she places blame on the “exact-match” program utilized by the Secretary of State’s office.

She won’t tell you that her sloppy voter registration programs are responsible for the majority of incomplete voter registrations.

The long-lines to vote were in Democrat-held precincts.

Those that were “purged” from the roles were granted provisionary ballots, and their votes were inevitably counted.

Stacey Abrams is an example of pure demagoguery, attaching herself to whatever sells.

She realizes that her false claims to voter suppression and elective corruption excite the passion of her voting base.

Abrams is only interested in keeping herself in the spotlight, and conceding the 2018 Georgia Gubernational election does not pander to her interests.