Son Shoots Home Invader After Masked Man Attacked Parents

Houston, TX—A Sunday evening home invasion that could have played out very differently was interrupted by a good guy with a gun.

Houston Police received a call around 10 p.m. at a home on East Rivercrest Drive just east of West Beltway 8.

When they arrived, the unidentified homeowners reported that moments before, they had been arriving home and had just pulled into their garage when a man slipped into their garage with them.

He was dressed in black from head to toe and was and wearing a ski mask.

The thug was carrying a gun, and he forced them into the home and demanded the wife’s belongings.

The husband knew how this story could end if he only complied and decided to give this thug a run for his money.

Police reported that the homeowner struggled with the masked man and was maced in the face before staggering out to the street to call for help.

It was then that the homeowners’ son arrived home and saw the home invader running out of his parents’ house and his dad calling for help by the road.

The son drove down the street to investigate this strange man running from his parents’ home.

The masked invader was a couple houses away when he turned and shot his weapon at the son,

The son, fully realizing the situation was the worst-case scenario, pulled out a weapon of his own and shot at the man.

Police aren’t sure if he hit the home invader but know that he was able to run off.

They have not released a description of the gunman at this time and are unsure if he was able to steal anything from the homeowners before he left.

This is a great example of how complying and being a willing victim isn’t always the best recourse.

The father’s fighting spirit got him pepper spray in the face, but it bought his family time.

His son shared his father’s grit, and he wasn’t afraid to take responsibility for his family’s safety when faced with a threat.

This thug learned his lesson: find unarmed victims who think that the cops can keep them safe.  This family clearly knows better.