Socialist Stacey Abrams Says She Is Open To Being Vice President

Atlanta, Georgia — Former Georgia State Representative Socialist Stacey Abrams spoke to the New York Times yesterday, where she stated she “would be honored to be considered” for the Democrat Vice Presidential nominee.

Last year, Socialist Stacey lost her run for Governor in Georgia to Republican Brian Kemp by more than 54,000 votes.

Since then Abrams has spent nine months traveling around the country on high dollar paid speaking gigs from left-wing organizations (funded by Soros) repeating over and over again that the race for Governor in Georgia was “stolen” from her.

During her run for Governor, Abrams staked out a position on the Second Amendment that would make even the most ardent gun-grabbers blush.

She was the proud sponsor of legislation that (HB 731) that would order the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to ban, confiscate, and destroy firearms owned by millions of Georgians.

Not only that, she supports legislation to limit the number of rounds one can have in a magazine.

She supports a national gun registry, elimination of private sales, “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” orders, and every gun control in the book.

In a nutshell, her support of almost total annihilation of Second Amendment rights would empower criminals, gangsters, and thugs, and disarm tens of millions of Americans.

While rumors swirl in Georgia that Abrams will almost certainly run for Governor in 2022, she likely sees a Vice Presidential slot as too enticing to pass up, especially if the Democrat nominee won.

Abrams would use the VP slot as a spring board for her run for the Presidency in a future election.