SHOCK POLL: 94% of Gun Owners Say Will NOT Vote for David Perdue If He Supports Red Flags

Kennesaw, Georgia — Georgia Gun Owners has just released the results of a poll asking gun owners if they would vote for Republican Senator David Perdue if he votes for “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation.

The results are stunning, showing 94% will not vote for Senator Perdue over the “Red Flag” issue.

Over 3,100 votes were cast (one vote each).  Here is a link to the poll.

The answer for Senator Perdue is clear — don’t vote for “Red Flags” or you will lose the Second Amendment vote.

Here’s the Georgia Gun Owners statewide email alert from August 8, 2019 . . .

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

Despite getting thousands of calls and emails from GGO members INSISTING he OPPOSE dangerous “Red Flag Gun Confiscation”, Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue has so far refused to OPPOSE “Red Flags.”

In the last 48 hours, David Perdue has been interviewed on TV and in the papers about this issue.

And he is still riding the fence . . .

He needs to GET RIGHT on this issue, or he’ll be voting to shred your Second Amendment rights.

Make another round of calls to Senators Perdue and Isakson, then fire off another round of pre-written emails.

Senator Johnny Isakson: 202-224-3643

Senator David Perdue: 202-224-3521

>>> Send Your Email Here

This is full scale political warfare to protect your Second Amendment rights.

Your voice needs to be heard in their offices more frequently and louder than the gun-grabbers.

Take action right now, then contribute whatever you can to keep our state-wide TV and web ad campaign rolling across Georgia.

— Patrick