SHOCK POLL: 65% of Gun Owners Say They Won’t Vote for Pres. Trump Over “Red Flags”

Washington, DC — The American Firearms Coalition has just released an online poll of more than 20,000 gun owners conducted over the last 18 hours indicating that 65% of gun owners say they will not vote for President Trump if he signs “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” into law.

The shocking poll numbers echo what many grassroots gun activists are seeing and hearing across the country.

The reactionary nature of President Trump’s response to El Paso and Dayton to give anti-gunners just what they want has obviously thrown up a “red flag” with gun owners who know “Red Flag” gun laws are a slippery slope to giving the left exactly what they want — elimination of your Second Amendment rights.

“Red Flags” eliminate due process for gun owners . . .

No charge.  No trial.  No jury.  No conviction.  “Ex-parte” hearing.

You have to prove your innocence to the government, when the government should have to be proving your guilt.

The American Firearms Coalition has fought the “Red Flag” battle for nearly six months now, speaking directly to the White House, warning them of the danger of the legislation and delivering over 150,000 petitions against “Red Flags.”

If gun owners wish to defeat “Red Flags”, the American Firearms Coalition is encouraging them to sign their Stop Red Flags petition at

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