NEW YORK Homeowner Takes Attacker’s Gun, Shoots Him in Head

Poughkeepsie, New York – Two armed thugs broke into a home on North Bridge Street with the intentions of robbing the occupant and fleeing.

After breaking and entering, one of the suspects lost possession of his pistol to the homeowner, who then opened fired on the two thugs.

Both suspects were shot, but one managed to get away.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports the resident called police late Saturday to report that two men with handguns had entered his home and were attempting to rob him.

Police say the man fought the two intruders and at one point grabbed one of the guns and shot one of the men. The other man fled on foot and has not been arrested.

The less fortunate thug died on the floor with gun shot wounds to the head and neck.

The homeowner should have been prepared with his own firearm, yet he still showcased excellent survival instincts.

New York has tough gun laws, and the homeowner was likely discouraged from buying a firearm.

The two violent thugs had no intention of following the law, and they clearly didn’t learn how to handle a firearm either.