Mormon Church Leaders Embrace Gun-Free Zones

Salt Lake City, Utah — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has officially banned guns from entering any place of LDS worship in the nation.

Firearms are now prohibited in Mormon churches unless carried by a police officer.

Texas recently passed a law that enables citizens to carry firearms into places of worship, but the Mormon church will be enforcing their anti-gun policy instead.

Mormon leadership has issued an ultimatum that all 362,946 members of the church in Texas must be informed of the new anti-gun policy before the pro-gun Texas law takes effect.

6.7 million members across the nation will soon be informed of the fresh anti-gun policy dished out by the leftist Mormon leadership.

The church’s leadership cited the Mormon church as a safe space for attendees as they escape the concerns of the world.

That is legitimately their justification for stripping law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms.

Texas eliminated gun free zones in places of worship after the Sutherland Springs church shooting where 26 lives were cut down.

Logically, guns should be allowed in churches to prevent this level of criminal carnage.

However, the anti-gun Mormon leaders are leaving their members disarmed and defenseless.

What a shame.

Many forget that LDS church President Russell Nelson called for more gun-control in the past, claiming that the current U.S. gun laws fall short.

Nelson’s ability to keep his Mormon members safe falls short.

Nelson’s ability to respect the Second Amendment falls short.

The Mormon church’s ability to support the rights of law-abiding gun owners falls short.

Gun-Free zones put worshippers in grave danger, and in the past has gotten them killed.