Mass Stabbing in California, 4 Dead

Does the left care about the 4 innocent lives that were cut down by a mass stabber in California?

Of course not, as it does not fall into their narrative.

All four of the victims were Hispanic, but the leftist narrative is further ruined by the fact that the mass murderer was also Hispanic.

Where does this leave us in the conversation on violence in this nation?

After stabbing a security guard, the mass killer took the guard’s handgun and never used it.

He just kept stabbing people.

Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

With a loaded gun in this man’s possession, his weapon of choice was a knife as he viciously stabbed his neighbors and store goers.

The man killed 2 at his apartment complex, then 2 more at a gas station and Subway.

He also stabbed two others, who survived their knife wounds and are reported to be in stable condition.

Police say that it was anger and robbery that motivated the killer to use machete-type knives against the public.

You cannot legislate away violence, and you cannot prevent motivated criminals from arming themselves.

It wouldn’t be surprising if California state legislators are now considering knife control legislation.