David Hogg Unveils New “Peace Plan” Which Is Unsurprisingly Both Tyrannical and Ineffective

There’s something about David Hogg that gun owners instinctively understand when looking at him: here is a weak young man who hates that others aren’t content to be weak like him.

Hogg has drifted in and out of the spotlight since February of 2018, always desperate to stay relevant and employable.

After all, his activities are funded by Bloomberg, George Soros, Giffords, and Planned Parenthood!

On Wednesday, August 20th, 2019, “Hogg’s” organization released a new Peace Plan, or Green New Deal for Guns that he called a “appropriate and bold” response to gun death in our country.

Some of the items include:
• Change standards of gun ownership: This calls for a national licensing and registry system for gun ownership.
• A complete ban on assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines and “other weapons of war.”
• Reduce the number of firearms in circulation through a buyback program and through policies of disarming those who pose a risk to themselves. Aka, reduce the number of guns by Red Flagging American citizens.
• Annual licensing fees for anybody who wants to have a National Firearms or Ammunition License.
• A push for the Supreme Court to overturn District of Columbia vs. Heller—the very foundation of the modern understanding of the Second Amendment.
• Create a new Presidential Advisor who would oversee both the ATF, the Dept of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control and report to the President directly.
• Cut gun deaths by 50%. Of course, there is no practical method suggested, it’s just a random number they chose because it sounds good.
• Lower the voting age to 18—so they can create a leftist landslide in 2020 and 2024.
• Raise the minimum age for gun ownership to 21. So they’re smart enough to choose the President of the free world, but not trustworthy enough to defend themselves.
• A prohibition on any and all online firearm and ammunition sales or transfers, including gun parts.
• Make “safe storage” laws national and mandatory. Aka, your gun needs to be locked up at all times. And since they want to overturn Heller, they’re not even joking.

This isn’t even all of it, but it’s enough to give you a taste of how radically anti-American and pro-Statist this kid is.

He wants to replace self-sufficiency and self-defense with a total reliance on the government to keep us safe.

He can’t fathom a world where people can take care of themselves.

A world where men were unashamed to be masculine and self-sufficient and didn’t need to cry on national TV to garner sympathy for their emotional trauma.

A world where American men protected their families and others in their community, instead of being taxed to pay for massive police forces.

No, this kid wants to turn America into a Marxist nightmare.

Hogg doesn’t realize that every city or state where some of these rules have been even partially implemented has failed to see the staggering drop in crime that he predicts.

He’s never heard of Venezuela, or any of these other disarmed countries where people are being slaughtered in the streets by the thousands.

He’s never thought, “What happens when you build the largest police force in the world and then get a really bad president who passes some really bad laws? How could we stop that bad president if he decided to vote himself president for life and raise the tax rate to eighty percent?”

No, Hogg thinks about what Soros, Giffords, and Bloomberg pay him to think about: how much he hates America and wants to change it into a leftist hellhole.