Cuomo’s New York: 64-Year-Old Shoots, Kills Burglars in His Home; Gets Charged With Gun Crime

Deerfield, NY — A 64-year-old man’s home was burgled early in the spring, so when two people came into his house in May of 2019 and threatened him, the homeowner feared for his life.

Ronald Stolarczyk lived in his late father’s house and had inherited his father’s gun collection.  He was in the kitchen when he heard people coming up the stairs from the garage.

He shouted at them to stop and to leave, but one of them charged towards him, instead.

Stolarczyk quickly grabbed the handgun his father used to carry and shot the two intruders.

57-year-old Patricia Talerico was killed in the house and her nephew, 27-year-old Nicholas Talerico died later at the hospital.

After he shot them, Stolarczyk called 911, went outside and placed the gun on the driveway and waited for police.

Further police investigation found that the Talerico’s house was filled with what appears to be stolen property, including several guns not registered to their names, bicycles, televisions, and more.

The two dead thugs could even be responsible for the previous burglary at Stolarczyk’s house, but police are still identifying the items recovered, and haven’t verified if any of them belong to Stolarczyk.

So we have two dead thugs with their house full of stolen property, and more than 20 arrests in 57-year old Patricia Talerico’s past.

Contrast that with an older homeowner with no criminal record of any kind who acted in self- defense after two thugs broke into his house and threatened him.

Should be open and shut, right?

Not in Cuomo’s New York.

You see, Stolarczyk had inherited his father’s gun collection after his father, a life-long firefighter, had passed away.

While his father had legally owned his guns, Stolarczyk hadn’t filled out the paperwork to transfer ownership of the guns from his dead father’s name to his own.

Because he never registered the guns in his name, he now faces a charge of criminal possession of a firearm which is a class E non-violent felony.

For this, he faces up to four years in prison, as well as all the issues that come along with a felony conviction.

Before you think, “Oh, the court will be reasonable, they’ll see the injustice here!” you need to remember that this is New York under Cuomo.

Rather than do the hard work of getting MS-13 members behind bars, they’ll likely throw the book at this older man so they can boost their conviction rates and show how many terrible criminals they’ve gotten off the streets.

This is why gun registration laws are criminal and dangerous!  \

Should this older man let these two violent thugs beat him half to death rather than risk a four-year prison sentence?

That’s apparently what Gov. Andrew Cuomo would rather see: a law-abiding citizen who has never committed a crime will have his life destroyed over some paperwork that wasn’t filed.