Bumbling Biden Lectures Americans on “Moral Failure” If They Reject Gun Control

Irony is lost on Former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Sunday, he wrote an op-ed in the New York Times that attacked anybody who isn’t on board with draconian gun control and eliminating law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves.

He wrote, “If we cannot rise to meet this moment, it won’t just be a political failure. It will be a moral one. It will mean that we accept the next inevitable tragedy.”

This is laughable coming from the frontrunner of the Democratic party, who has been immortalized online for his proclivity to get way too ‘up close and personal’ with women and even little girls while out on the campaign trail and at public and political events.

Maybe he thinks we’ve forgotten the women who have come forward from his own party and accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate contact?

Does he hope we forget his comments of a few weeks ago suggesting a “real, physical revolution” if a consensus couldn’t be reached—that is, if the Right isn’t willing to let the Left destroy our country?

This is how the left works: they posture like they care about gun safety because of some superior sense of morals and virtue that gun owners lack, but their hypocrisy makes it clear that it’s just a show.

They don’t care about dead people, or they’d care about the victims of illegal immigrant crime, gang violence or abortion.

They don’t care about women’s rights, or they’d stop old Scratch and Sniff, Bill Clinton and others.

They don’t care about gun safety or they’d admit the failures of gun control that have turned Chicago into a war zone.

They don’t care about the Constitution or they’d admit that most of their ideas would destroy it and make millions of Americans into criminals overnight.

Biden, get lost.

You’re not in a position to lecture American citizens about morality.

You’re one angry husband or father away from an assault charge.