Anti-Gunner John Kasich Calls for Anti-Gun Marches

2016 Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich took to fake news CNN to tell the American people to march for gun control.

“You want gun control legislation, people need to start marching like Parkland, Florida. Florida had no interest in passing gun control legislation whatsoever until thousands of incredibly brave students demanded it. The people of the state demanded it.”

Kasich consistently feeds into the leftist media’s anti-gun narrative.

Gun owners hate this guy.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Kasich switched his political party to Democrat.

John Kasich gets on TV and takes advantage of the killings through gross emotional appeal, riling up the passions of the left.

He has no appreciation for the Second Amendment or the right to due process.

If Kasich had his way, all semi-automatic rifles would be banned and confiscated.

Crazy Kasich not only wants gun bans and Red Flag Gun Confiscation, he has also advocated in the past for the elimination of private gun sales.

This man is a loon and is ready to jump to tyrannical measures when a ripe opportunity presents itself.

John Kasich is a disgrace, and gun owners deserve to know about the leftist propaganda he is peddling to the fake news media.