Anonymous Armed Texan Stops A Stranger Abduction In Progress

Houston, TX — Witnesses report that a good guy with a gun saved a woman from a violent abduction while she was walking her dog in Houston on Thursday, August 16th.

Police haven’t confirmed the details of the story, but did receive a 911 call to the location after witnesses saw the woman’s situation going from bad to worse.

Lily Paxson was an eyewitness to the event, and she said she just happened to notice when a man walked up to the woman on the street who was walking her dog.

The man initially feigned interest in petting the dog, but then reached out and physically grabbed the woman.

Paxson continued, “Her body language seemed that all she wanted to do was get away from him. She was fighting him off of her, then he started hitting her and kicking the dog, grabbing her and lifting her up.”

Paxson didn’t know what to do other than to draw attention to the ‘violent and aggressive’ situation, so she rolled down her window and screamed at the man to stop.

She also honked her horn, which got the attention of three men who were nearby.

At least one of the men approached the abductor with a handgun drawn, and at that point, Paxson crawled down beneath her dashboard and couldn’t see what transpired.

Paxson waited a tense moment, and then looked up to see that the abductor was gone, and the woman and dog were alright.

Frightened and shocked at what she’d just witnessed, Paxson drove away and called 911 without investigating further.

When police arrived at the location, there was nobody there to confirm the details of Paxson’s story.

At one point in her interview, Paxson said that when the good guys got their guns out, it felt like, “…it really became a cross between the Wild West and Gotham City.”

Hopefully Paxson has learned that contrary to media hype, good guys with guns are just that: good guys.

And they don’t randomly shoot into crowds or sloppily kill dozens of people with friendly fire.

No, they likely saved the woman with the dog from a terrible fate, if not from a gruesome death.   By the time the cops arrived to reports of a violent abduction in progress and men with guns drawn—exactly the kind of call that would prompt their fastest response–it was all over and settled with no victim to report.

That’s why an armed society is a civilized society.