6,000 Murders in Mexico in Two Months — Mexican President Calls for U.S. Gun Control

Mexico City, Mexico — Irony is apparently lost on the President of Mexico, who held a press conference on Monday and called for the United States to more expansive gun control laws.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador claimed in a press conference that neither party in the United States had done enough to protect people from mass shootings, and laid the blame on the “indiscriminate sale of guns” that apparently goes on in America.

That’s laughable, when you consider the background checks, age requirements, and other laws that govern gun sales.

All you have to do is look at Chicago and California to see that the more gun laws that have been added, the worse the crime has gotten.

But Mexico’s president went on to say that he is considering suing the United States for the wrongful death of Mexico’s eight murdered citizens.

He also said they were considering charging the El Paso shooter, identified as Patrick Crusius, with terrorism and asking for his extradition to a Mexican court.

This all sounds well and good, if you live in a magical Candyland and are totally disconnected from the reality of Mexico and her violent crime rates that coincide with her very strict gun control laws.

There is only one legally operated gun store in all Mexico, and it is run by the government.

All guns in Mexico are required to be listed in a national gun registry.

There may only be one handgun per household.

A business may not keep a gun on premises unless the building is also the owner’s residence.

Permits are required for the purchase, carrying, and even transportation of a firearm in Mexico.

Further, permits to carry are rarely issued to citizens, unless the citizen is a member of the military or a wealthy/influential citizen.

And finally, private sale doesn’t exist; instead, both parties must physically appear simultaneously at the one allowed gun store in all of Mexico to fill out paperwork and validate the sale.

You would think that Mexico would be a gun-free paradise, right?


More than 2,240 Mexicans were murdered in June of 2019, alone.

Even the Mexican government admits that there were more than 6,000 murders between January 1st, 2019 and March 1st, 2019.

Their violent crime rates are largely attributed to the cartels that essentially control the country behind the scenes, and none of the citizenry are legally armed to fight the cartels for control of their own country.

The President of Mexico is a hypocrite.

This is the paradise the left wants to shove down our throats too.

The left would rather have American citizens disarmed and the streets running with blood like in Mexico.

Mexican citizens illegally living in America are responsible for tens of thousands of crimes against American citizens, including thousands of violent murders in recent years.

Save the fake guilt trip, Mexico.

America’s done buying it, and we sure as hell aren’t following your example in disarming ourselves.

Our hearts ache for the nearly 25,000 people who will be murdered this year in Mexico at the current rate.