14-Year-Old Kentucky Girl Shoots At Home Invaders, Protects Her Sisters

BLAINE, Ky. –A 14-year-old girl is being called a hero after firing her father’s pistol at two thugs trying to break into their Kentucky home according to the the Lawrence County Constable Association and confirmed by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

The authorities said that girl and her two older sisters were home alone on Sunday afternoon while their parents were out at the grocery store.

They saw a white sedan pull up to the front of their home, and two men got out of the car.

One man came to the front door and was repeatedly kicking it, tyring to break into their home.

The girls were terrified, but it got worse when the man decided to look for an easier way into the house around the back.

They called 911, and watched as the one thug picked up a shovel and tried to break a back window and get into the home that way.

Thankfully, the two men started arguing, and while they were distracted, the youngest daughter leaped into action.

She found her father’s unloaded 9mm pistol and loaded it as fast as she could.

While the men had stopped to argue, she fired a shot towards them, and they ran off before they could do any serious harm,

Two officers, Lawrence County Constable Daniel Castle and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy Cory Cook responded to the 911 call but they were unable to find or identify the two men.

“I think she did take some necessary steps to protect herself,” Castle said of the young girl’s actions. “Although she could have done a little bit better, considering that she is 14 years old, she did a good job. I encourage everyone that can legally carry a firearm, to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families just in case the need arises.”

Good job, young lady, and good job Dad!  Young girls don’t just intuitively know how to load and use a handgun.

It’s obvious that this Dad had taken the time to show his daughters how to protect themselves, and we bet he sleeps better at night for it.