WATCH: Woman Shoots Thug With Gasoline As He Tries to Steal Her Car

Conyers, GA — We’ve said it before: half of carrying a gun is being willing to use it.

We don’t think this lady in Conyers, GA would have any problem using a gun to defend herself if the time came.

Last week, while the unidentified woman was getting gas at a local BP, a “slider crew” thought they saw an easy mark.

Security photos show a Chrysler 300 drop the unidentified man off in the gas station parking lot, and the photos show him sneaking across the parking lot towards the woman and her car.
She wasn’t aware of what was happening.

“The victim did not see the suspect until he attempted to drive away in the vehicle,” Deputy Lee Thomas said.

The man actually made it to her car, and into the driver’s seat! She noticed him once he startled her by starting the engine!

So the gutsy woman used the only weapon she had available: the gas nozzle.

She pulled it out of her car, and sprayed the thief with it!

An eyewitness, who didn’t want to be named since the “slider crew” is still on the loose said, “It was like a movie. I didn’t realize it was actually happening. My son told me, he said, ‘Dad, I think he’s trying to steal the car,’ and I was looking, and I heard the car revving up and the next thing I know, he jumped out of the car and he started running.”

The car thief wasn’t expecting resistance, and certainly not to be doused in gasoline, so he jumped out of her car and ran off down the street.

He can be seen getting back into the same car that dropped him off just a few houses down the street.

Deputies are asking for help finding this crew of car thieves. “This is definitely not the first time they’ve done this. I’m pretty sure they’ll be attempting it again,” Thomas said.

Kudos to this lady for standing up for herself. These sorts of car thieves and simple robberies are becoming more and more common.

Hopefully, next time this lady will have a better weapon, so she doesn’t need to rely on a gas pump being in six inches away!

The more of the population are armed to defend themselves, the slower these thugs will be to risk their lives for their next easy target.

That’s something gun-owners know: you never want to be the easy target!