WATCH: Seattle Woman Snipes Armed Burglar From Her Rooftop

Seattle, Washington — A Seattle woman was tired of people breaking into her home and had posted multiple signs on her backyard fence warning people that she was armed and willing to defend herself.

But one criminal thought she might be bluffing and tried to break into her home to rob her anyway.

Police said they received a 911 call on July 18th from the woman saying that she had shot an armed man who was breaking into her home.

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Police arrived to find a 40-year-old man shot in the shoulder with his gun laying nearby.

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He was being held at gunpoint by the woman.

She had seen him climbing her fence and trying to break in and had shot him with her own rifle from the roof of her house.

Detective Patrick Michaud of the Seattle police revealed that the woman’s house had been ransacked by burglars just two days earlier while she had been out of town.

Police are unsure if the two events are connected, but are still investigating both events.

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Michaud went on to say the woman was will within her rights to defend herself if she feared for her safety.

The wounded intruder is listed in critical condition.

Two of his friends were arrested nearby in connection with the attempted burglary.

The South Park neighborhood is near an industrial area, and several local workers interviewed said that burglaries were getting to be a common occurrence.

Here’s hoping this lady and her sniper skills will convince other thugs to find a new occupation before they end up in the hospital, too.

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