WATCH: Insane Press Conference From Hate Hoaxer Erica Thomas

Atlanta, Georgia — State Rep. Erica Thomas and her left-wing crazies double down on their insane claims.

She continues to claim, even after admitting she does not remember what was said, that a white man told her “go back to where you came from”.

In front of the fake news media, the Democrats doubled down on their bogus inciteful claim.

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Emotional Erica let loose on the microphone yet again with her sellout colleagues by her side.

At no point did her colleagues, nor anyone for that matter, come forward as a legitimate witness.

Eric’s fake activist lawyer claims there are witnesses, and that the Publix surveillance photo will confirm her claims.

Yet, if you pay close attention, the lawyer chooses not to focus on the “go back” hoax.

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The new focus is on the Cuban Democrat “white” man calling Erica the “B” word.

Erica continues to complain about being pregnant, citing her medical status as a hindrance to standing up for long periods of time.

However, ignorant Erica had no issue standing in front of the fake news as she espoused egregious falsified claims.

Erica has a history of trampling over the rights of Georgians, or at least attempting to.

Just take a look at HB 731 from 2018 and you’ll see that Erica truly is ignorant.

Matter of fact, Erica is crazy and should claim insanity as a reason to resign her public office.

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The man at Publix was right to be upset with a deranged attitude ridden extremist holding up an express line.

The accused man is seeking to sue Erica for defamation of character.