WATCH: ICE Protesters Deface American Flag, Raise Mexican Flag in Colorado

Aurora, Colorado — Protesting President Trump’s plan for ICE to round up thousands of criminal illegal aliens this weekend, radical left-wing America haters crowded in front of an ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado yesterday.

Yelling and chanting about their hatred of America and open borders, the crowd then proceeded to pull down the American flag, deface it, then raise a Mexican flag next to an upside down American flag.

You better wake up, America.

These actions are being pushed by radical open borders politicians who refuse to condemn or vote to secure our southern border.

Here’s the video:

Fox 31 Denver reported that the ICE protesters also pulled down a “Blue Lives Matter” flag supporting law enforcement, then defaced it with a spray painted anti-ICE slogan.

President Trump’s illegal alien ICE roundups are set to begin this weekend.