WATCH: Gun Owner Shoots, Kills thug at 7-Eleven

Virginia Beach, VA – One of two thugs attempting to rob their 5th 7-Eleven met their maker when a bystander pulled out his gun and fired multiple shots.

The thugs were armed and masked, and this 7-Eleven was just the next stop on their robbing spree.

“Two gentlemen — armed, masked, robbers — came in the store with their guns up and told us to stay where we were, nobody move,” witness Barrie Engel said.

Engel was standing at the register when the thugs went behind the counter.

“I was looking right at him (the robber) and then I looked at the clerk, and the clerk raised his hands and said, ‘Come on, man, don’t do this.’ And not sooner than he said that, I heard a gunshot and as soon as I heard the gunshot, I dropped down to the ground and put my hands over my head and started praying because I thought the guy shot the clerk,” she said.

That’s when the man that fired the gun stepped forward and said “Nobody’s gonna point a gun at me and get away with it!”.

Engel peeked over the counter and saw one of the masked thugs dead on the floor, and the other injured and begging for his life.

The armed bystander who shot the thugs has been hailed to as a hero in Virginia Beach.

Engel has expressed great gratitude to the man, and even offered to buy him a steak dinner!

This is an example of a good guy with a gun.

Don’t be afraid to get your concealed carry permit, and don’t be afraid to carry

If you feel threatened, aim and fire.