WATCH: Armed Neighbor Draws Weapons to Thwart Thugs

Tulsa, Oklahoma – A band of criminals took to a suburban neighborhood to rob homeowners, going door to door to collect their hard-earned cash.

On their first stop, they brandished a firearm on a man cutting his lawn and made off with 12$ and his bankcard.

The thugs didn’t experience so much ease with the next-door neighbor.

In a video recorded by a doorbell camera, the neighbor is seen drawing his firearm on the robbers.

The youngest of the crew runs away as the other slowly walks back to the escape vehicle.

The thug on the run found himself crossing through another neighbors yard and was swiftly shot by the homeowner.

The thug ran directly at the man, who claims that he felt threatened and warranted to use deadly force.

The homeowner that defended himself was taken to jail upon police’s arrival for shooting with intent to kill.

Of course he shot with intent to kill!

When a crazed criminal is coming for your life, you have every right to neutralize the threat.

After leaving the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds, the thug was taken to jail to join his 2 caught accomplices.

The judge over the case is considering dropping charges against the jailed homeowner, as his actions were a clear example of self-defense.