Store Clerk Shoots, Kills Would Be Robber

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – After reading dozens of self-defense stories, you start to hear the same cities and states stand out.

Gun control laws that disarm law-abiding citizens, or regulations so tyrannical that it seems to be impossible to exercise your right to bear arms often leave citizens in those locales to be fish in a barrel against criminals who have no problem ignoring the laws.

In more rural states, and especially states with fewer gun regulations, you rarely hear those stories because everybody knows that the odds are higher that many members of the public are carrying their own guns for self-protection!

Apparently, on June 10, 2019, DeShawn Brim of Overland Park, Kansas forgot those simple truths.

Police said that the man later identified as DeShawn Brim entered the Boost Mobile Store at 76th and Metcalt, and demanded money at gunpoint.

The stores surveillance camera caught the whole thing, though police have not released that video to the public.

The store clerk didn’t panic, and instead decided that he didn’t want to die that day.

There were other staff and customers in the store, and the clerk was carrying a concealed handgun.

He drew his weapon and shot DeShawn Brim as he attempted to jump over the counter—likely trying to get at the clerk. DeShawn died on the spot.

The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office said that this was a valid case of self-defense under Kansas law and that there will be no charges filed against the store employee.

Court records also indicated that Brim was out on parole after doing time in prison for weapons violations.

“Be aware that if you’re the bad guy, the good guy can also have a firearm, too,” John Lacy, with the Overland Park Police Department said. “You never know who is carrying a firearm.”

Especially in places like Kansas, folks.

In areas with tight gun restrictions, criminals know that they’re likely the only ones carrying a firearm.

Thankfully for this employee and his co-workers, Kansas wants nothing to do with those gun laws!