San Diego Law Would Require Secured Guns; People Will Die

A new law that could soon go into effect in San Diego would require gun owners to not only lock up their guns but would hold them responsible if somebody wrongly got a hold of their gun and committed a crime with it.

That’s right, if somebody steals your gun and robs a bank, you’re on the hook for it.

The new law was proposed by City Attorney Mara Elliott, and passed the Council 6-2 on Monday.  There is yet to be a final vote.

Under the new law, gun owners in violation face as much as six months behind bars and fines topping $1,000.

The law would require gun owners to keep their guns stored in a locked safe, or with a trigger blocking device.

But a new story out of San Diego is a warning to residents that this law would be a terrible idea!

Headline news in San Diego this week is the story of a 38-year old home invader who broke into a 54-year-old man’s Lake Murray home and stabbed him repeatedly in the chest.

The victim’s 20-year-old son was home and grabbed his father’s gun and shot the home invader.

When police arrived, the attacker’s body was found floating in the pool in the backyard, and the homeowner was found in a pool of blood in his house.

The new law would not have given the adult son access to his own father’s guns, and he would have been powerless to stop the intruder from stabbing his father to death right in front of his eyes.

Unless he was willing to run away and let his father be murdered, he would have been the next victim of the crazed lunatic who broke into their home.

San Diego residents and every other American deserve a chance to defend themselves.  Hopefully the insane politicians on the San Diego City Council come to their senses.

We’re not holding out hope.