Ohio Woman Shoots Home Intruder Twice — Justice Served

Ohio residents have some answers after a shooting death on April 19, 2029 in Gallia County.

According to police, there will be no charges against the woman who shot and killed 51-year-old Keith A Coon of Jackson, Ohio.

County Sheriff Matt Champlin and Gallia County Prosecuting Attorney Jason Holdren released a joint statement that tells the terrifying story.

On April 19, the unidentified young woman was home alone when the intruder drove onto her property on East Bethel Church Road and ran up to the back door.

He can be seen in the home’s security video sprinting up to the house, wearing only his boxers and some tennis shoes.

He made entry and came face to face with the woman in a hallway.

The woman was terrified, as she was home alone and had never seen this stranger before!

She ran back to her bedroom and got out her gun, a gun she keeps for personal protection.

Because she had run away, she didn’t know if he was still in her home, but she knew she needed to call for help.

She made her way through the house, intent on activating her home’s alarm system and using it to call for help.

As she came into a common area, she realized that Mr. Coon was still in her home, and he charged at her with a kitchen shears above his head!

Fearing for her life, the woman shot the intruder two times, and he died there on the spot.

After the fact, the police also reported that Mr. Coon was under the influence of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine.

They couldn’t find any connection between the young lady, the home’s address and the intruder.

It was a random stranger attack.

County Prosecutor Holdren said, “After a thorough review of the investigation, my office will not be pursuing any charges in this matter.

It is abundantly clear that the victim acted in self-defense and Mr. Coon gave her no other alternative. Collectively, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this traumatic event.”

Gallia County Sheriff Champlin said, “It is unfortunate and we are all saddened that in this incident, a man lost his life. However, I firmly support the fact that in this case, this young lady relied on her training and her constitutional right to defend herself inside of her own home.”

There are lunatics like this out there! You can’t hope that if you’re nice to everybody, nothing bad will happen to you.

This young lady’s story is a perfect example of why everybody should own and carry a gun for protection.

If she hadn’t, the police would likely be reporting a much different crime with a tragic outcome.