New Zealand Gun Confiscation Called “Success” by Media: Reality is 0.22% Compliance

New Zealand’s media is exuberant about how many gun buyback events they’re having, but nobody wants to talk about the numbers!

Because the real percentage of guns turned in would make any American gun owner proud.

New Zealand is looking at 0.22% compliance with the new law!

Here is a New Zealand media outlet’s take on the last week of gun buybacks:

“The first full week of New Zealand’s firearms buyback and amnesty, which aims to remove the most dangerous weapons from circulation, has produced a strong turnout as events roll out nationwide for the first time.

‘Momentum is slowly starting to build as community collection events are held across the entire country,’ Police Minister Stuart Nash said in a statement after 25 public firearm collection events were held over the past week, including seven held on Sunday.”

Wow, as a gun owner, that sounds ominous, right?

Are New Zealanders so propagandized that they’d rush to give up their guns?

No, if you break down the numbers, the rosy picture painted by the media is a joke.

Out of 1.5 million guns (a conservative estimate) that were subject to the ban, New Zealand has collected 3,275 guns.

That averages a laughable 131 guns per event.

At the current rate, they’ll have confiscated ALL the banned guns in only 38 years!

38 years!

What do you think the odds are that New Zealand voters will throw out the liberal fruitcakes who rammed all of these gun control laws through the legal system in less than a week?

Surely there are some political candidates who would be eager to reverse this crazy new law!

New Zealanders need to remember who did this to them at election time.

And before we even grant these insane gun grabbers even a tiny victory, recognize that many of these guns being turned in are what officials would call “Malicious Compliance.”

That is, the citizens are turning in guns so old or so broken as to be no threat to the public, anyway.

New Zealand officials originally offered to give 95% of the value of the gun but are now routinely offering less than 70%, creating even more controversy and ill will with gun owners.

It’s clear that New Zealanders are sending a loud message to their politicians: Shove it.

Meanwhile, American politicians like Diane Feinstein continue to sing the praises of New Zealand’s new gun policy’s without admitting that they’re a total failure.